Marketing your brand should be a joyful creative endeavor, not a struggle against the algorithm.✨


No matter what you create, learn the strategies you need to tell stories that sell. Master the marketing fundamentals you need to get heard and HIRED. 


Enrollment for the 2025 class starts in the fall.


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Best investment ever...

You have no idea how many new ideas you will have, it's like having a new superpower!

-SLR, France

Take a peek inside the course before you enroll.


Walk through the platform with your instructor Ericka Sauritdesigner, brand strategist, and founder of boutique marketing studio Saurit Creativefor a tour of all the modules, lessons, workbooks, and bonus workshops available to you when you enroll in Marketing School for Creatives.

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Tired of trying to clearly and concisely explain what makes your creative services business unique?


Have you lost potential clients because your offer messaging and visual branding feels scattered, unfocused, and inconsistent?


I created Marketing School for Creatives with you in mind.

- Ericka Saurit | Founder + Instructor 


I'm a creative too—a designer, an artist, a writer—that found myself in a marketing role in my career early on.

I thought my creativity was enough to help me "get" marketing, but without the resources and foundation I needed to succeed, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what worked (and wasted time on a lot of things that didn't!). 

Sound familiar? 

This special course is a step-by-step roadmap to marketing success developed by a creative for creatives that will teach you how to effectively and effortlessly sell your products and services to your ideal client without the questioning, hesitation, or doubt.

It's the course I wish I'd taken when I was learning marketing over 10 years ago.

And now it's available for you, too. 


Stop struggling and start looking forward to all you can accomplish with a marketing story and a strategy that you love! ✨

What you don't know about marketing is costing you more than you think.


In Marketing School for Creatives, learn how to fix both your story and your strategy. 

“I wasn’t sure what I would get from this course, because I’ve tried several other “marketing” courses. But I’ve already made more progress and have more ideas in just a few weeks than I ever have before”

-SG, Georgia

I wish that I could have taken this course sooner! It was the most helpful course I have ever taken as a creative!

-DO, North Carolina

Right now, your brand is a diamond in the rough.

Learn exactly how to polish your message and your marketing at the same time. 

My fellow creatives, it's time to shine. ✨

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Inside the course you’ll get access to…

6 Video-Based Learning Modules + a Comprehensive Marketing Workbook. Self-paced lessons and tools, brimming with actionable content that will reignite your excitement for marketing and leave you eager to apply these strategies to your brand.

Live Group Calls Every Single Week. Elevate your marketing education and get personalized guidance with live, interactive weekly sessions led by instructor Ericka Saurit, a seasoned expert with 23+ years in the design and marketing industry and founder of Saurit Creative. Bonus instructors will offer workshops on video storytelling, moodboard mastery, brand strategy, and how to build a powerhouse creative team!

MBA-Level Marketing Frameworks Adapted Especially for Creative Professionals. Gain masterful insights that will allow you to apply the E3 Storytelling Framework and Marketing Funnel into your creative business's marketing plan.

Marketing Mastermind Community. Beyond the weekly live classes, you'll become part of a vibrant community of like-minded creative business owners, making connections and collaborating to accelerate your brand's success.


“So far, I am blown away by the class, and honestly, I have already started to put some of the storytelling fundamentals in use in a conversation I had YESTERDAY!”

- KL, North Carolina

"I've done a lot of other well-known business programs out there, but believe me when I tell you Ericka's is the best" 

-JD, Texas


“Module 3 is excellent. It was my ah-ha moment when everything came together!”

-DO, North Carolina


By the end of this 6-week course, you’ll walk away with a ready-to-launch marketing plan for your business (and the confidence to execute it!).

“Ericka was able to help us create a story about our offerings and who we are without using cliches and worn-out verbiage that surrounds the design industry.

[This] is the best thing I have done for my business in ages, it’s never too late to tell your story.

-KVA, ASID, Minnesota

“This course is very well done and a great value. You’ll learn so much about building your brand and brand story. It’s provided in a format that was varied and interesting and includes great speakers and consistent support from the instructor.”

- DC, Maryland

"This completely organized my thoughts and helped to plan the direction of our marketing and specific channels to utilize for campaigns.

-DO, North Carolina


“Every module opened my eyes and my creativity to the possibilities that were always there and we just never thought to use them to our benefit.

-KL, North Carolina


Quickly learn a proven, story-driven marketing framework developed specifically for creatives who want to build a meaningful brand without the overwhelm.


There's nothing quite like Marketing School for Creatives. 

Join us. 

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